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Vânia Tourino

Vania Tourino was born in São João del Rei, Brazil. She has always had a penchant for the arts and began oil painting at the age of nine. She is a qualified dentist who, in 2012, discovered a passion for Jewelery Design. Trained at the prestigious Escola Mineira de Joalheria, a leading jewelery school in Brazil. The cornerstone for her work lies in the beauty of Brazilian gem stones as she creates original pieces, hand-crafted and cast by skilled artisan hands in pursuit of the sleekest finish.


Vania has chosen to create one-of-a-kind be spoke pieces rather than collections. Each piece of jewelery is created and developed to reflect the identity of the person who desires it. This results in unique, custom creations that meld with the wearer’s personality. Cast in precious metals such as gold and sterling silver, the pieces are inspired by the beauty of Brazilian gem stones and diamonds.

For the designer, each piece of jewelery comes to life not with the sketch but at the point where mind and desire meet.


The goal of our creative process is to translate the bride’s personality through a combination of romanticism with a touch of the contemporary, impartingan air of sophistication to the pieces. The jewel must be in perfect harmony with the bride’s personal style, the type of wedding, and the couple’s story.

Afterall, it is a magical, emotion-fueled occasion!

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The designer takes the time to work on a one-on-one basis with the client to personalize each bespoke piece. She discusses every detail until final validation of the sketches.